Portrait packages

Lifestyle or Studio – € 280,- incl. BTW.

Analogue photos € 300,- incl. BTW


Lifestyle or studio – € 500,- incl. BTW for two photoshoots

Lifestyle- and or studio – € 480,- incl. BTW

€ 870,- incl. BTW

In consultation excl. BTW

Want to book a photoshoot on a weekend day? For Saturday and Sunday I charge an extra fee of € 50,- incl btw

Examples of analogue pictures below. Please note that every analogue photo turns out different.

All my work is linked to my terms and conditions which can be read here http://bit.ly/2xcfwzQ. When an order has been approved, these general terms and conditions are automatically valid and binding.

Interested in booking a photoshoot or more information? Please contact me at joyce.kamerbeek@gmail.com